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At SCHURTER we work closely together with our technology partners. Within SCHURTER we consider these partners as key assets for successfully making the best and most innovative solutions for you. Among other highly respected partners, we would like to draw special attention to the following partners in the field of touchscreens:


For many years AMT has been a partner for SCHURTER. All across Europe, SCHURTER is providing solutions based on AMT touchscreens, SCHURTER even has exclusivity for delivering AMT resistive touchscreens in Germany and Austria. In our industry AMT is a well-known highly respected brand and we are proud with our cooperation.

Nowadays PCAP is increasing in importance for every company in our industry. For PCAP technology AMT has developed an innovative pattern with improved EMC performances.

PenMount (an AMT company)

AMT has based their PCAP sensor techniques on the PenMount controllers. PenMount has different sizes and optimizations available. As a partner we have the knowledge to select the optimum version for you. In addition to that we have access to the settings of PenMount’s firmware to fine tune the solution even more.


The partnership of SCHURTER and EETI for PCAP controllers started in 2011 at the competence centre at Danielson in the Netherlands. Danielson was the first company in Europe to be trained on the new controllers. We have access to the settings of the firmware ourselves and to the design team of EETI in order to have training on a regular basis and to obtain answers if required. Danielson has developed many touch sensors for the EETI controller and our customers are very satisfied with the performance of the combination.


SCHURTER has widened its controller portfolio with the maXTouch controller family from Microchip (previous Atmel). With offering the maXTouch controller we meet our customers wishes and needs - who often already use Microchip / Atmel components in their applications. SCHURTER can now support the market with the well-known maXTouch chip family. Whether it is a high or low volume project, a standard or customer specific solution, with maXTouch we can meet very detailed specifications. There are almost unlimited possibilities in programming the controller completely to the wish of our customers

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